For employees

Jobs with accommodation in the Netherlands

If you are looking for a suitable job where no degree is needed, you are in the right place. B2Works has various vacancies with great clients in the Netherlands.

We welcome applications from people who are ready to work in packaging, logistics, recycling, food, in warehouses and on production lines. We need hardworking people who are ready to get to work, like you!

As an employment agency, we make sure you have everything you need to feel good and be successful. We offer not only long-term employment but also accommodation, transport, health insurance and paid holidays. All the paperwork and pension contributions are taken care of by us, so you can focus on earning a stable income and building a future.

The Dutch economy needs more workers than it has, so foreign workers are always welcome here. Whether you see the Netherlands as a country you want to stay in or only as a place to try something new, we will be happy to have you with us.

We offer working in:

  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Industries
  • Recycling

Our vacancies

With us, you will find more than just a job

A suitable job. It’s not just about finding a job. It’s about finding a place where safety and good working conditions are key. We only work with companies that treat employees with respect, offer sufficient hours, and ensure continuity. This is something you can rely on.

Fair payment. That goes without saying. You earn the same salary as employees who are directly employed by the client; all according to the applicable collective labour agreements. We ensure a fair income and guarantee sufficient hours, paid public holidays, days off, holiday money and much more. You earn what you deserve, without any compromises.

Nice place to live. If you come to work for us in the Netherlands, we will arrange accommodation for you if you need it. Our accommodation meets the Dutch SNF standards in terms of space and privacy, sanitary facilities, safety and hygiene, information provision and fire safety. Here you can feel at home, comfortable and at ease. Simply well taken care of!


Transport. Preferably, you will have your own means of transportation to get to work, but if you don’t, you can use ours. Whether by bike or by car, we make it happen

Educational help. If your new job requires certificates, such as the forklift certificate, we can help you get it. For those who want to improve their English or Dutch, we offer paid subscriptions for mobile learning apps or online courses.

Respect. We respect who you are and what you need. If you are not happy with your new job, we will do our best to find another job that suits you better. Our door is always open.

Continuity and stability. As long as both parties are satisfied with our partnership, you can count on a job with us, with one client or another. This means that you can plan your future and fulfil your dreams. You can build a stable and promising career with us.

Travelling to work

A zero-risk adventure

We understand that embarking on a new adventure can be stressful, especially if you have never been to the Netherlands before. But don’t worry, we have everything thought out and thoroughly arranged.

Because we work with people, we are regularly checked by the authorities and meet the highest standards, as the certificates on our website prove. These certificates are a testament to the commitment with which we arrange everything according to the proper procedures and safety measures. We leave nothing to chance, because we want you to feel protected and safe.

And we are not alone. We work with the best advisors to make sure all our contracts and documents are in perfect order. This gives you and all our employees the security they deserve. You can be confident that your rights are protected and that everything is done according to the law.

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Benefits of working
with an agency

For workers

With us, you can enjoy stability, plan for your future with confidence, and secure a job for as long as you like. We offer everything you need to thrive: housing, health and accident insurance, and transportation. We are committed to advocating for you and safeguarding your rights. In case of any challenges, our support is unwavering, and we are always ready to assist. You’ll have a dedicated manager to guide you through the process and address any inquiries you may have.

For companies

We eliminate the headache of finding and contracting workers. We become a worker’s legal employer. This means that we do all the paperwork and payroll. We also think of employees’ comfort and well-being so that companies get motivated workers. Businesses that partner with us can grow fast or reduce production output with less hassle and fewer staff-related risks, such as employee illness. They are better able to react to market changes and can dedicate more time to their product. Hiring flexible workers with us also costs less than doing it themselves.

Why, choose us

We know there are certain things that are essential to you: timely and correct payments, sufficient working hours, suitable accommodation and of course, close contact with your manager and good guidance. We strive to meet all these needs:

All houses are under our management.

This means we carefully check the conditions in every house. If something is not working, all you have to do is report it to us, and we will make sure the problem is fixed quickly. This way, you will feel comfortable and at home in our accommodations.

We process payroll ourselves.

That means you will always receive your pay on the correct day, with no delays. After all, we understand how important it is to have financial stability

Guidance during the induction period and beyond.

We guide you through the onboarding and give you all necessary information. You can always visit our office or call your manager to clarify any doubts. We are here to support you and make sure you feel comfortable in your new working environment.

We speak your language.

Don't worry about language barriers. We literally speak your language. Our colleagues speak English, Polish, Romanian, Latvian, Spanish and other European languages. You can share any concerns in your mother tongue, and we will fully understand you.

We stand for our workers.

With us, you come first. We only work with companies that share our values and human approach. And should a conflict ever arise in the workplace, know that we are always there to help. This means that we also do not hesitate to engage with our clients to find a solution for you.


What others say about us

"Lokacja ok koordynatorzy również. Jeśli chodzi o wszelkiego rodzaju naprawy firma przysyła naprawdę godnego polecenia majstra."
Joanna W,
"Good experience with the agency regarding the accommodation and the company where you work. But I think that they should make a selection to recruit staff since some colleagues do not value the opportunity that is presented to them and have a lifestyle that makes the rest of the colleagues uncomfortable."
Gonzalo Félix A,
"Buna Ma numesc Valeriu Dincea ..lucrez de 6 ani cu aceasta agentie B2Works . Sunt foarte multumit de colaborarea avuta cu aceasta agentie cat si cu coordonatoarea Roxana Popa care s-a inplicat in toate problemele aparute."
Valeriu Dincea,
"I am very satisfied with this agency, when I had problems they always solved my problem very quickly. special greetings for Maris He is a very good Coordinator , always tries to help."
Stanka vasileva,
"Company provides a good work opportunities with good salary. Accomodation is clean and cozy. Very professional approach to the worker. What more can you ask for?"
Dawid Dąbrowski,
"B2Works have been really nice and cooperative. They explained to us everything really clearly, answered all of our questions, arranged things for us to start working and living comfortably. Clean housing, the salary is on time, they help out even with the smallest things. Would recommend :)"
Patrīcija Šmite,
"Amazing agency!since 2017 I tried many agencies but truly none of them compare with B2Works!Any problems or issues that I had ,were fixed in maximum 1 day!there is a lot of thinks to say and all are good!And also probably the best coordinators Mariss and Emils ,I mean this 2 guys understand and fix everything so fast,excellent comunicative skills!if anyone is searching for good accommodation and good jobs,well B2works has it all"
Andre Cristi Ciparov,
"The best agency you can work at! They provide with great accommodation, and arrange the most suitable work for you. The communication with the agency is really great, they always answer and listen to anything I have to say or ask. Shoutout to the best coordinator Edijs, he’s been always there for me and always finds a solution for any kind of problem there is."
Urzula Šverna,
"Lovely agency, friendly and welcoming staff. 5 stars for Mariss and Marta - they did a great job! Overall, it was a pleasant experience: for 1.5 year I lived in a nice house and worked in a cool warehouse."
Daila Bluķe,
"Very nice and competent agency. Always helpful with swift replies on my questions and if there are any issues arising, they've always been forthcoming. Specially the coordinator Mariss who was on top of his game!"
Edijs Cvetkovs,

Our amazing clients