How we work with our clients

There is more work to be done in the Netherlands than there are Dutch workers. The growing economy along with the aging population means companies are looking outside the Netherlands for their workforce. And this is where we come in. We help make this process as stress- and risk-free as possible for both businesses and workers.

This is the short version in English. If you want to learn more about the services we offer companies, please switch to the full version in Dutch.

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Our services

Recruitment. We find the right workers for our clients’ needs. We employ the workers and do all the paperwork while the client provides a workplace and guarantees workers’ safety. If the client has a low season or cuts down on production, we take care of workers by transferring them to another client.

Payroll. We pay workers their salary and all applicable social contributions according to the relevant collective labour agreements. Additionally, we offer health insurance to our employees. We do not outsource our payroll. Instead, we handle all payments ourselves, ensuring that our employees can always count on receiving their earnings on time and in full.

Housing and transport. When foreign workers come to the Netherlands, they need a place to live. We offer our employees accommodation in comfortable, clean houses, flats, and small shared living accomodations. The houses are under our management and meet all SNF standards. We also have bicycles and cars that employees can use to go to and from work.

Guidance & tracking. We receive workers in the Netherlands, give them a warm welcome, show them around, introduce them to clients, and help them find everything they need to feel confident in their new workplace. We support both clients and workers in their communication, and help them to thrive together.

Corporate Social Responsibility B2Works Nijmegen
We care

Corporate Social Responsibility

At B2Works we work with people. People are our biggest asset. And we are not only talking about our own people. We are aware that as an employer, we have an impact on everyone around us. That is why we do everything we can to work in the most sustainable and socially responsible way possible.

How do we do this? By caring for people and caring for the environment through our work. For example, we are intentional about finding ways to reduce our CO2 emissions, focusing on housing and transport. For instance, we prefer to help our workers use bicycles and we try to limit commuting distances to a maximum of ten kilometres. In our homes, we do whatever we can, from installing smart thermostats to educating our workers on how to save energy, to reduce emissions. Moreover, whenever possible, we furnish our homes with furniture from local thrift shops, which also serves a social purpose.

Social involvement is one of B2Works’ guiding principles. By sponsoring local charities and the KWF Cancer foundation, we as a company not only give something back to individuals, but also to society. We also do our best to put everyone to work, regardless of origin, gender and age. We regularly provide labour market opportunities for people who might otherwise not have a similar opportunity. No matter who you are, it is important to us that all our workers are happy, because they are B2Works’ strength. That is why we only send our workers to clients where they will be offered the agreed-upon number of hours, and we pay close attention to the quality of our housing, our settlement services, paying our workers correctly and on time and answering all their questions.


Benefits of working
with an agency

For workers
With us, you can enjoy stability, plan for your future with confidence, and secure a job for as long as you like. We offer everything you need to thrive: housing, health and accident insurance, and transportation. We are committed to advocating for you and safeguarding your rights. In case of any challenges, our support is unwavering, and we are always ready to assist. You’ll have a dedicated manager to guide you through the process and address any inquiries you may have.

For companies
We eliminate the headache of finding and contracting workers. We become a worker’s legal employer. This means that we do all the paperwork and payroll. We also think of employees’ comfort and well-being so that companies get motivated workers. Businesses that partner with us can grow fast or reduce production output with less hassle and fewer staff-related risks, such as employee illness. They are better able to react to market changes and can dedicate more time to their product. Hiring flexible workers with us also costs less than doing it themselves.

What we do

We listen

We listen to our clients, study their business situation, and predict their specific needs, taking into account the market and the overall economic climate.

We recruit

We create vacancies and recruit the best people from across the EU for our clients. We ensure that our recruiters are familiar with our clients and their particular needs. We do all the interviews and testing, including English and math tests.

We communicate

We have a kick-off meeting with each client. At this meeting, we‘ll draw up our working agreement, develop a communication schedule and check that every administrative process is working smoothly so that our cooperation is seamless from day one.

We onboard

We introduce workers to clients and help with the onboarding process. We record and track employee performance, support the employee-client relationship, and maintain regular contact with both workers and clients.

We coach

We offer coaching and consultation services for workers, solve any issues that may arise and ensure communication on days off, vacation, and sick days.

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