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At the top of your paycheck is the abbreviation "PNS." If the box below it has the letter "J," then you are accumulating pension benefits.

No, it is not possible to avoid paying pension contributions as this would be contrary to Dutch law.

B2Works pays the full pension premium under the Basic Scheme, so you don't have to pay anything for your pension yourself. The premium under the Basic Scheme is 8% of the pension base. Under the Plus Scheme, you and B2Works jointly pay the pension premium. The premium under the Plus Scheme is 12% of the pension base. We deduct 1/3 of the premium from your gross salary. You can see on your pay slip how much pension premium you pay. We take care of the payment of the premium to StiPP.

As a B2Works employee, you are entitled to participate in the StiPP pension plan. You can learn all about this pension plan on the StiPP website: https://www.stippensioen.nl/

At StiPP, you accrue pension benefits through the Basic Scheme or the Plus Scheme. The Basic Scheme is for temporary workers aged 21 and older. You start accruing pension benefits directly starting on your first day in the Basic Scheme. After 52 weeks of work, you will be switched to the Plus Scheme.

You must immediately inform your manager at the client company as well as B2Works of any injury or accident you are involved in while doing your work. The client is responsible, and therefore liable, for your working conditions.

Yes, you are entitled to sick leave as a temporary worker in the Netherlands. Temporary workers are entitled to the same sick leave benefits as permanent employees. If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you have the right to receive sickness benefits. B2Works is responsible for providing you with sickness benefits. It is important that you follow the procedures we have outlined when reporting your absence due to illness and provide the necessary information in a timely manner. Compliance with your obligations and communication with your B2Works and the company where you work is crucial to ensuring you receive the appropriate sick leave benefits.

During office hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.), call the office and inform them that you are unable to work due to illness. In addition, please send an email to questions@b2works.nl with the subject heading "reporting sick," stating that you are ill and providing the necessary information. Ensure you can be reached on the specified telephone number, as a B2Works office employee will contact you to discuss your illness report. Outside office hours, call your coordinator and report your inability to work due to illness. Send an email to questions@b2works.nl with the same subject heading, providing the required information. Make sure you can be reached on the specified telephone number. It is essential to report that you will be absence due to illness immediately and not retroactively. If you go home during working hours because of illness, you must personally inform the manager at the client company and follow the same reporting protocol. When reporting sick, you should state the reason for your absence, how long you will likely be unfit for work, your address while ill and telephone number, and any relevant details such as a different residential address or attending doctor. When you have recovered and are ready to resume work, call the office or your coordinator to notify them. Send an email with the subject heading "notification of recovery" and state the date on which you can resume your work. It is important to comply with these reporting procedures and provide updates on the progress of your incapacity for work. Failure to comply may result in a temporary reduction or loss of benefits.

If you need to see a doctor or visit a hospital, you must make an appointment with a general practitioner (huisarts) as the first point of contact for non-emergency medical issues. The general practitioner can provide necessary medical care or refer you to a specialist, if required. For emergencies, such as life-threatening situations, call the Dutch emergency number, 112, or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency department. When seeking medical assistance, it is important to carry your health insurance information and identification documents.

Please send an email to questions@b2works.nl.

  • For quarter 1, in May–June.
  • For quarter 2, in August–September
  • For quarter 3, in November–December
  • For quarter 4, in February–March
Please note, B2Works has no control over the payments and therefore we cannot provide you with any information on this.

As an extra service, we will apply for the care allowance on your behalf. This is done quarterly in arrears to ensure that you never receive too much in returns and later run into financial problems because you have to pay it back. If you want us to arrange the care allowance for you, you must fill out and sign an authorization form. You will receive that form when you join B2Works. You can always request it at a later time as well. The application to the tax authority will then be done for you. The tax authority will review the application and decide if and how much you will receive. Please note: The tax authority will pay the care allowance directly to you, into your account. B2Works has no influence on when or how much is paid.

If you can get the care allowance, we understand that you will want to know how much you will get. This depends on your income and whether or not you have an allowance partner. The Dutch tax authorities will look at the incomes of both you and your partner. Your combined incomes represent, approximately, your gross income for a whole year. The care allowance does not depend on the premium you pay for your health insurance. The more you earn, the lower your care allowance. To learn more about care allowance amounts, please refer to the tax authority website: https://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/nl/zorgtoeslag/content/hoeveel-zorgtoeslag

If you have purchased your own health insurance, there is no need for you to receive health insurance coverage through B2Works. To opt out of our health insurance, please send a copy of your new policy to questions@b2works.nl. We will then cancel your enrollment as of the day your email is received and stop the periodic deductions from your salary.

In the Dutch healthcare system, temporary workers have access to basic health insurance provided by insurance companies. Temporary workers are required to obtain this basic health insurance, which covers essential healthcare services. The cost of health insurance is typically shared between the worker and their employer. Temporary workers may also have access to supplementary insurance coverage, which provides additional benefits beyond the basic package. The healthcare system in the Netherlands ensures that temporary workers have access to necessary medical care and services during their employment period. Please be advised that in the Netherlands, you can go directly to the hospital only in case of an emergency. For all other cases, you must first visit a general practitioner, or family doctor. The general practitioner will determine whether it is necessary to refer you to a hospital.

As an employee of B2Works, you will have access to health insurance coverage. B2Works has taken out a master contract for health insurance with Zorg en Zekerheid, which includes basic health insurance for foreign employees through a group health insurance plan. The mandatory excess of €385.00 is covered under supplementary insurance with Zorg en Zekerheid. In addition to the basic health insurance, there is a Guarantee Fund available. The Stichting VBW Guarantee Fund provides reimbursements for certain emergencies not covered by the health insurance company, such as emergency dental treatment (up to €200.00 annually), repatriation after death, and work-related physiotherapy (up to 10 treatments). Guidance for applying for a healthcare allowance is also included. Furthermore, you will have accident and liability insurance provided by Drechtsteden Zekerheid. For details regarding reimbursements under these insurance plans, please contact your manager. B2Works will guide you through the process for how to continue receiving coverage through your health insurance plan with Zorg en Zekerheid after your employment ends. You will have 30 days to decide whether to continue the coverage. In case of accidents with a liable third party, we will help you with claim assistance. Advice, support, and guidance regarding possible claims are available under the Drechtsteden Zekerheid accident insurance plan. Providing B2Works with all the relevant accurate information is essential to ensure adequate service provision. The cost of health insurance, the Guarantee Fund, and supplemental insurance amounts to €36.40 per week, which breaks down to €33.39 for health insurance and €3.01 for the Guarantee Fund and supplemental insurance.

We record any absences that take place without ample notice. We have contractually agreed with our employees that 3 unexcused absences mean that we reserve the right to terminate the employment contract.

You can access your work schedule in the work app.

If you are unexpectedly going to be late for work, contact your supervisor at the workplace and your coordinator immediately by phone.

In this scenario, your friend will need to contact our recruitment department at recruitment@b2works.nl, send their CV, and indicate that they are coming on your recommendation. Our recruiters will contact them, and explore possible job opportunities. If your friend has worked 160 hours, you will receive a €100 net bonus. This bonus will be paid with the salary payment.

Yes, it is usually possible to change jobs or positions through B2Works as a temporary worker. However, the availability of job opportunities and the specific process for changing jobs may depend on various factors, including B2Works’ current needs and the requirements of the new job or position you are interested in. If you wish to switch jobs or positions within B2Works, please inform your manager what position you are interested in and discuss it with them.They will provide you with information on the available opportunities, requirements, and any necessary procedures or steps to be followed for the job change. Any job change may be subject to the approval and agreement of both B2Works and the client companies where you will be assigned. It's important to have open and transparent communication with B2Works to explore the possibilities and understand any applicable terms or conditions associated with the job change.

Work clothes and equipment are usually provided by the client. B2Works only provides safety shoes. However, we must ensure that you have access to the necessary work clothes and safety equipment to perform your job safely and in compliance with relevant health and safety regulations. Therefore, we make arrangements for you to obtain any such necessary items before starting your employment. If you encounter any issues or have concerns regarding the availability or suitability of work clothes or safety equipment, you should communicate with your manager to address the matter promptly.

Yes, we are here to help you if you have a dispute in your workplace. We act as a mediator between you and your employer to help resolve any issue that may arise. You are always free to contact your manager for guidance, advice, and support in addressing disputes. We have procedures in place to handle such situations and we always work toward finding a fair resolution. It's important to maintain open communication and provide all relevant information to help us assist you effectively.

You should first contact your manager to report any workplace issues or concerns, such as discrimination, abuse, misconduct, or trust issues. Express your concerns and provide them with the necessary details regarding the issue. If you are dissatisfied with the response or resolution, you can escalate the matter by contacting our board for further assistance and resolution. It is important to address workplace issues promptly to ensure a safe and respectful working environment.

You can request a change in your work schedule or shift. Working hours will be determined through mutual consultation between you, us as your legal employer, and/or the client's company. It's crucial to start work punctually at the designated time. To request a change in your work schedule or shift, you should request a change with your B2Works coordinator.

Your rights regarding breaks during the workday as a temporary worker are determined by the regulations of the company you work with. The client may have specific policies and practices regarding breaks, including meal breaks and rest breaks. It is important to refer to the policies and guidelines of the client’s company to understand what form of break you are entitled to during the workday.

To request holiday/leave, please send an email to questions@b2works.nl, with your name, the client company where you work, and the start and end dates of the requested leave. Please note that if we approve the leave in writing, the leave days will be paid, if you have sufficient reservations available for this purpose. You can see this on your pay slip. Furthermore, if there is a general business shutdown or collective holiday at the client’s company, you must take your holiday and/or other leave days during that period.

You must submit a request for holiday/leave to your employer at least 4 weeks in advance for multiple days, or at least 2 weeks in advance for a single day of leave. You should report the leave immediately in case of an urgent unforeseen situation. The employer will try to accommodate your request as much as possible.

Public holidays are generally considered non-working days, and if you would normally work on a public holiday, according to your schedule, you may be entitled to receive payment for that day. The general rule is that a holiday is paid if a. the temporary worker has worked at least seven times on the specific day over a period of thirteen consecutive weeks immediately prior to the public holiday in question; or b. the temporary worker has not yet worked for thirteen consecutive weeks and has worked on the day in question in more than half the number of weeks in which work was performed. If you are in doubt about whether a holiday payment was correctly processed in your case, please send an email to questions@b2works.nl and request an explanation.

You are entitled to a minimum amount of paid holiday days. If you work full time, you are entitled to 20 paid days off on an annual basis. You are also entitled to 5 non-statutory days. We pay these to you each week. It's important to coordinate and schedule your holidays with us a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Yes, and overtime is sometimes required by the client. You are always paid extra for overtime worked, but how much extra is determined by the client company's collective labour agreement. You can find all the details on your placement confirmation, which you will receive before the start of each assignment.

You may see "WAS" written on your paycheck. This is a non-reimbursable deduction consisting of agreed deductions, such as health insurance or housing costs, or open fines. Only a certain amount can be deducted from your salary in any given week, and the maximum deduction amount is calculated based on the legal minimum wage. Deductions that cannot be completed in the given pay period are listed under "WAS" so that you can see for yourself what remains to be deducted from your salary in the coming periods.

The special rate on your paycheck is a rate applied to specific, irregular income, such as bonuses, vacation pay, benefits, or other one-time payments. The special rate can also be applied to income for which no or insufficient payroll taxes were withheld during the year. The specific rate applied as a special rate can vary depending on the type of income and its amount. It can range from 0% (no tax) to the highest tax rate in the Netherlands, depending on your personal circumstances and the nature of the one-time income. As a result, you may be required to pay a different amount of tax based on the special rate than your colleagues.

The ET scheme allows employees living abroad and temporarily working in the Netherlands to receive a tax-free allowance for extra costs incurred because they are temporarily working outside their country of origin. The scheme yields different results for each person, and results may vary from week to week.This is due to the fact that the maximum amount of the benefit depends on your wages relative to the legal minimum wage, as well as the number of overtime hours you worked and your country of origin.

The gross salary is the total amount you earn before deductions, while the net salary is the actual amount received after all deductions and taxes are taken into account. Your wage statement shows exactly what deductions are made from your gross salary.

The first day is a waiting day and you will not be paid. After this you will receive 90% payment of the average number of hours over the past 13 weeks.

Payslips and annual statement are made available digitally in your work app.

You will receive your final settlement no later than 6 weeks after the last week worked.

Yes, you can. You are free to use whichever IBAN you like in order to receive your salary. Please be advised that the processing time for a deposit into a foreign bank account may be a little longer.

Send an email to questions@b2works.nl from the email address that we have on file for you. Enclose proof of your new bank account, such as a copy of the bank card with the IBAN number and your name, or a bank statement with the same data. We ask for this information to protect your safety.

If you have questions about your payments, salary, payslip etc., please send an email to questions@b2works.nl. To help us process your question, clearly state your full name, the client company where you work, the dates concerned and of course the question itself.

You are entitled to 8.33% vacation pay. You earn vacation pay over days worked, as well as vacations, paid holidays, and days when you are on sick leave.

You are entitled to a minimum amount of paid holiday days. If you work full time, you are entitled to 20 paid days off on an annual basis. In addition, you are also entitled to 5 non-statutory days. We pay these to you each week.

In general, no advances on wages will be paid. New employees are the exception. Because the first payment of wages is made in the third week after starting work, every new employee can receive an advance after the first week worked. If you would like to request an advance, please send your request by email to questions@b2works.nl. In that email, write your full name, when you started work, and which client you work for. If you receive an advance on your wages, you agree that B2Works will offset this advance against the next payment(s) as long and as often as necessary to offset the balance. You must grant this permission by email if requested, otherwise no advance payment can be made.

Deductions will be made from your salary. All deductions will be agreed with you in writing in advance. The most common deductions are for:

  • housing
  • transportation (taxi or bicycle)
  • health insurance

You will be paid for your work on a weekly basis, with payments made two weeks after the week worked. Payments are made no later than Friday, but in almost all cases as early as Thursday. Payslips will be made available digitally in your work app and/or sent to you by email. This means:

  • Worked during week 17 - Payment Friday week 19
  • Worked during week 18 - Payment Friday week 20
  • Etc.
It is important to note that rights to a periodic wage increase are governed by the regulations applicable to the client’s company. The specific gross (hourly) wage and User Company Remuneration will be stated in your Agency Work Employment Contract or Placement Confirmation. If you have any concerns or questions about payments or if you receive an incorrect payment, you should contact us via email at questions@b2works.nl. Be sure to send your first and last name, the name of the client you work for, the dates concerned and a clear explanation so we can answer your question quickly and thoroughly. It will take up to 3 business days to receive a response from us. In practice, we can often answer you within 24 hours.

The minimum wage in the Netherlands for temporary workers is determined on the basis of age and is adjusted twice a year (in January and July). The exact amount can vary depending on the specific age category and the number of hours worked per week, according to the the client company's collective labour agreement. (CLA) of the client company. Please refer to the most recent information provided by the Dutch government: https://www.government.nl/topics/minimum-wage/amount-of-the-minimum-wage

If there is damage to the inside or outside of the car, as a result of an accident or any other reason, please contact your coordinator immediately or call the B2Works office (0031 24 641 2809). Also, always complete a damage report form and return this fully completed form to your coordinator ASAP.

If red warning lights come on, stop the car immediately, take a picture of the lights and call your coordinator to discuss what needs to be done. If you think your car needs maintenance, report that to your coordinator as well. The coordinator will then arrange for maintenance to be carried out at a garage to ensure that you will always be driving safely.

No, using the car to go abroad is not allowed. The only exception is the border region with Germany because B2Works has housing there.

As a driver, you are in charge of the car. In return, you get to drive the car for private purposes up to a total of 75 km every week at our expense. This means that you can use the car to run errands or drive to the gym, for example. If you drive more than 75 km per week for private purposes, we will charge you €0.21 per kilometre driven for the excess kilometres. We assess this on a weekly basis, so you may not transfer kilometres to the following week.

If you want to receive a copy of the traffic fine, send a request to questions@b2works.nl. If you have other questions, please contact your coordinator.

The driver is fully responsible for any costs resulting from a traffic violation and ensuing fine. This includes the associated government administrative fees. These costs will be deducted from your salary.

You must refuel the car at the filling stations designated by B2Works. The up-to-date list of filling stations can be found in the car contract. You do not need to prepay for refuelling. Simply refuel at one of the designated filling stations, and a member of staff will check the licence plate of the car.

It depends on the transport you use and the client company where you work. If you go to work in your own car, in most cases, you are entitled to a travel allowance.

You can get to your workplace on your own using your vehicle or by public transport. If you go to work in your own car, in most cases, you are entitled to a travel allowance. We can also offer you one of the company’s bicycles or cars. In this case, you pay a small contribution of €3.75 per day to the costs of the car. The driver does not need to contribute. The driver does pay the tax addition for the car, which amounts to roughly €3.75 net per day, depending on the type of car. The car may also be used for private purposes, such as to do grocery shopping, but within limits. Otherwise, you may pay €5.00 per week to borrow a bicycle from us. You must treat the bicycle with care and lock it at all times. If the bicycle gets stolen, you must report the theft immediately to B2Works and to the police. You must submit the police report to the B2Works. You must also be able to provide the bicycle key. A fee of €175.00 will be charged if you do not return the bike to us in good condition.

In the Netherlands, it is illegal to possess, sell, or produce drugs. So-called soft drugs are tolerated in the Netherlands under certain conditions. Our homes are private property. Therefore possession and use of soft drugs in our homes and gardens is also prohibited. At B2Works, we have a zero-tolerance policy toward drugs. If you are caught in possession of, or using, drugs in our homes, we reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement on these grounds.

Different types of waste must be separated. In the Netherlands, plastic waste is collected separately in special plastic bags that are available for free in almost all supermarkets. For vegetable, fruit, and garden waste, there is a small green container (a kliko) at every accommodation. At most accommodations there is also a large container on wheels available for residual waste. In the accommodations, you will find a schedule showing which waste must be put out when. If you have any questions about this, please contact your coordinator.

We expect all residents to keep their house and rooms clean and tidy themselves. To provide a good living environment for all residents, our staff check regularly to ensure that our homes are clean. We also send our cleaning team to thoroughly clean the common areas of the home on a regular basis.

You start paying rent on the day you start working.

Inform B2Works at least 2 weeks before the move by sending an email to questions@b2works.nl. Clearly state your name, where you currently live and which client you work for. Also include your new address so we can update it in our system. Please note, if you are moving to private accommodation, you are responsible for transportation to and from work. If you start living in a private housing arrangement, you can no longer avail of the benefits of the ET scheme.

Bring your own pillow, sheet, duvet inner and duvet cover. This is not provided by B2Works for hygiene reasons. Some people also like to bring their own pans, plates, and cutlery.

B2Works offers regular residential houses and apartments in the Netherlands and in the border region with Germany.

Try to solve simple issues, like replacing a lightbulb, yourself or with help from your housemates. For other issues, send an email to housing@b2works.nl. Mention in your email which house it concerns and give a good description of the problem. If possible, include pictures. For very urgent matters, such as failure of the heating, hot water or electricity, you can also call the housing manager at 0031 6 2853 1036.

You and your partner can indeed share accommodations. If you want to live together with a friend or family member, we will always try to arrange it, whether in the same accommodation or in the same room. It may not be possible from the start, but as soon as the opportunity arises, we will do everything we can to place you together.

Yes. We know that a good internet connection is a basic need, so we provide internet service in all our accommodations.

Yes, you must continue to pay rent when you are not working or on vacation. All related costs also continue and your room is obviously kept free for you.

A bed in a single room costs € 124,25 per week, and € 105,- per week in a double room. Please note that we do not have a single room available for everyone. Included in your rent is the cost of renting a home, gas, water and electricity, furniture, repairs and maintenance, internet, TV connection, municipal taxes, insurance, etc.

We settle the costs of the accommodation with your salary.

You can arrange your own accommodation, or we can provide it to you from the options we have under our management. B2Works has more than 80 houses spread throughout our working area, so in most cases, we can offer you accommodation close to your workplace.

Absolutely! We know of many cases where an employee started as a temporary worker and progressed to be a permanently-employed manager with the client company. Sometimes, there are also opportunities to make the step up and become a B2Works staff employee. Where you take your career depends on your own commitment and motivation.

Yes, if you want to learn Dutch, we can help you. We can provide you with paid subscriptions for mobile learning apps or online courses. We incentivize better communication and integration into your workplace and Dutch society. Ask your manager about the language learning opportunities and resources that are currently being offered.

B2Works offers some training opportunities that may be useful or necessary in order for you to perform your job assignment. We also provide educational assistance, such as helping you obtain necessary certificates or offering paid subscriptions for language learning apps or online courses to improve your English or Dutch.

Yes. B2Works provides training and onboarding to temporary workers before starting their job assignments. The specific process can vary depending on the nature of the job and client requirements. When you join B2Works for a new job assignment, we provide you with information about the job, the client company, and any specific requirements or expectations. This can include training on job-related skills, safety procedures, company policies, and other relevant information to ensure you are prepared for the job.

We provide contracts in most languages spoken by our workers so that you understand everything we ask you to sign.

If you are considering terminating your employment contract with us, we would love to hear from you. We invite you to share with us if there is anything we can do to help you continue working with us. Your contact person at B2Works is always available to discuss possibilities with you and to help you address any concerns. If you do decide to terminate your contract, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance so we can arrange a replacement for you. Although we are sorry to see you go, we will make sure that all formalities are properly taken care of. To ensure that you fully understand the specific termination policies applicable to your situation, you should review your employment contract and consult with your manager if you have any questions. They will provide you with accurate information and guidance regarding the termination process.

Yes. In fact, we have many examples of employees who ended up gaining permanent employment with B2Works. There are also many employees who have received a permanent contract with the client.

Yes! As long as all parties are satisfied with the partnership, the contract can and will be extended. If, after 4 years, you want to work for us longer, you will have to do us under Phase C conditions. Phase C means that you get a contract for an indefinite period of time. Before we can provide you with this opportunity, we will assess whether or not we can offer you a contract of this type.

We focus on getting long term work for our workers. This means that we expect workers to be available for at least half a year, which includes opportunities to take days off, of course. Sometimes we have projects for a shorter period. In that case, we will inform candidates up front. In the end, with this type of flexwork, each situation may change on the basis of clients’ needs, the market, etc. Please let us know your desired assignment duration and any other preferences during the job placement process. We will do our best to find assignments that align with your preferences and skills.

Yes. We provide employment contracts to temporary workers in accordance with Dutch law and the social system in the Netherlands. This means that our workers do not need to rely on a Polish or other foreign A1 contract. When you join our agency, you will receive an "Agency Work Employment Contract" and a "Placement Confirmation." These documents will outline the terms and conditions of your employment, including details such as the duration of your contract, job responsibilities, working hours, wages, and other relevant provisions. The contract ensures clarity and legal protection for both parties involved in the employment relationship. You will also receive a staff manual with a lot of important information. The staff manual is part of the employment contract.

B2Works has an international team, so there is almost always someone with whom you can communicate in your native language. Besides Dutch, we speak English, Bulgarian, German, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, and Ukrainian, as well as several other languages.

To enable us to quickly and properly create your employment contract and other documents, please bring the following documents with you on your first visit to our office:

  • Your bank account number (IBAN). Make sure you have a document or bank card proving that you are the account holder of the bank account to which your salary is to be paid.
  • BSN or RNI number. If you have worked in the Netherlands before, you have already received this number. If possible, please bring a copy of the original document from the municipality. If you no longer have this, a pay slip from your previous employer will do.
  • A valid ID document or passport. Please note, if your ID document is too damaged, it is not valid according to Dutch law and we are not allowed to accept it.
  • A CV in English (PDF or Word format only). Make sure it includes an accurate statement of your work history describing when you worked for which company, and what duties you performed.
If you are unable to provide the above information, the process will be delayed and, in extreme cases, we will not be able to offer you a job.

Yes, we sure can!

To contact B2Works for questions or assistance, you can do the following:

  • Email questions@b2works.nl for questions about salary, health insurance, travel costs, contract termination and reporting absences due to illness.
  • Email housing@b2works.nl for reporting damage and requesting maintenance work for your housing arrangement.
  • Email jobs@b2works.nl if you want to refer a friend who wants to join our team.
  • When sending an email, make sure to include your name, the nature of your inquiry, and any relevant details.
  • Phone: You can contact B2Works by phone using the contact number indicated in the employment contract.
  • In-person visit: You can come to our office and talk with out team in person. Please make an appointment to speak with one of our team members so we can ensure that the person you want to speak to will be in the office.
When contacting B2Works, be clear and concise in explaining your questions or concerns. Provide any necessary details and information we may require to assist you effectively. It's also a good practice to keep a record of your communication, including dates, times, and the names of any B2Works representatives you speak with.

Yes, we can assist you with obtaining a tax number—also known as a Burgerservicenummer (BSN or RNI)—in the Netherlands. The BSN is a unique identification number issued by the Dutch government and is required for various administrative purposes, including taxation. We will guide you through the process of applying for a BSN and provide the necessary documentation and support to facilitate the application.

Yes. You will be assigned a personal coordinator who will be able to help you, answer questions, and assist you with any concerns you may have regarding your employment or position.

You must notify us of any relevant changes in your personal situation or personal data within five days. This includes changes in your address, email address, telephone number, bank account number, marital status, family composition and residency status (for foreign nationals). You must provide the requested documentary evidence for the changes. You can notify us of these changes by sending an email to questions@b2works.nl. Please clearly state the date of the information change and include your full first name and surname in the email. It's important to note that failure to notify us of changes in a timely manner may expose you to additional expense and risk. Please follow the specified procedures and provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure that B2Works has your correct personal information.

We treat your personal data as confidential and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our privacy policy is available upon request. Personnel data are managed by designated employees or the board, who treat all information as confidential. Physical personnel files, if applicable, are centrally stored in locked Filing cabinets. These files contain information related to recruitment, selection, application, appointment, performance and assessment, absence due to illness, salary development, education, and training. The processing of personal data is recorded in a processing register, which you have the right to inspect at any time. As per the GDPR, you have various rights regarding your data, including the right to request inspection, rectification of incorrect data, completion of incomplete information, deletion or restriction of data in certain cases, objection to data processing, data portability, and the right to complain with a supervisory authority. We inform you promptly if a data breach poses a high risk to your rights and liberties unless legally exempt. To exercise your rights, you can send an email to privacy@b2works.nl. Upon leaving our employment, your personnel file will be emptied and its contents destroyed, except for the Agency Work Employment Contract, notice to terminate, and data that must be retained under applicable laws and regulations. We share your personal data with third parties only when necessary pursuant to the Agency Work Employment Contract, related rights and obligations and statutory obligations, or with your written permission. We take measures to ensure the confidential handling of your personal data and are responsible for safeguarding your privacy. By signing the Agency Work Employment Contract, you grant permission to process your data within the meaning of the GDPR. This includes sharing data with us, providing such data to the User Company, and disclosing such data to third parties, such as the UWV, Tax and Customs Administration, and salary administration organisation, as required to form and perform the Agency Work Employment Contract and statutory obligations. Regarding changes in your personal information, you must notify us within five days if any relevant changes occur. This includes changes of address, email address, telephone number, marital status, family composition, sickness, and residency status (for foreigners). You must provide the necessary documentary evidence along with the notification of changes. To notify changes, you can email questions@b2works.nl, clearly stating the date of the information change and including your full first name and surname. Failure to report changes within the specified timeframe may result in consequences that could negatively impact the expense and risk you incur.

  • Providing clear and accurate information: We provide workers with clear information about their rights, working conditions, wages, and any applicable regulations or policies.
  • Facilitating fair employment contracts: We ensure that employment contracts comply with Dutch labour laws, including terms and conditions of employment, wages, working hours, and benefits.
  • Preventing discrimination and harassment: We have policies and procedures in place to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. We take appropriate measures to promptly and fairly address any complaints or incidents.
  • Resolving disputes: We have implemented a mechanism through which workers can report workplace issues or concerns and have developed a process for handling and resolving conflicts between workers and employers.
  • Ensuring compliance with labour laws: We comply with all applicable Dutch laws and regulations regarding wages, working hours, overtime, leave entitlement, health and safety, and other legal requirements.
  • Providing support and assistance: We provide support and assistance to workers when needed, such as guidance on workplace rights, access to resources and information, and help in case of disputes or grievances.
B2Works acts in the best interests of the workers and promotes fair treatment throughout the employment relationship.

If you work temporarily in the Netherlands, your employment is based on an Agency Work Employment Contract. Basically, you can work through a temp agency for as long as you want. However, after 4 years, you can no longer do so on a flexible basis, but only through a permanent contract. Temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands work according to the phase system. This consists of 3 phases: Phase A, B, C Phase A lasts 52 weeks. All weeks worked and the weeks you take paid vacations are counted in this. In phase A, you can get an unlimited number of employment contracts. At B2Works, you will first get a 1-week contract and then a 4-week contract that is automatically extended each time until you or we cancel it. After 52 weeks, you move on to Phase B. In Phase B, you can have up to six fixed-term contracts within three years. When Phase B ends, Phase C starts. In Phase C, your contract is indefinite and can be terminated with a legally required notice period. Your contract can be terminated for a variety of reasons, such as if you reach the age when you receive a state pension, not performing well enough at work, failing to show up for work more than twice without justification in accordance with procedures, expiry of your work or residence permit, or not providing valid ID.

If you come from another EU country, you do not need a work permit to work in the Netherlands through an employment agency. According to the regulations of the European Union, EU citizens have freedom of movement and the right to work in any EU member state, including the Netherlands. This means that you are entitled to work in the Netherlands without a work permit or additional authorization. However, it is important to register with the local municipality upon your arrival and obtain a Citizen Service Number (RNI Nummer or BSN). The employment agency will guide you through the necessary steps and ensure compliance with Dutch regulations. If you come from a country outside the EU, you need a work permit to work legally in the Netherlands and to be employed by our agency.

Working with a temporary employment agency like ours offers several benefits compared to working directly with an employer. Firstly, it provides greater flexibility and variety in job opportunities, making it possible for you to gain experience in different industries and positions. We have an extensive network of clients and can quickly match you with suitable jobs. What is more, we handle all administrative tasks, such as payroll, taxes, and insurance, making things easier for workers. We also provide training opportunities to help you to get the required certifications, such as the forklift certification, or learning Dutch or English to help you perform better and make new social connections. Working with B2Works provides you with stability, which will help you plan your future with confidence while enjoying the assurance of a long-term job. We go above and beyond to provide everything you need to excel, including accommodation, health and accident insurance, and transportation. Your rights are our priority, and we will always advocate for you. If any issues arise, rest assured that we are always there to support you. With a dedicated manager by your side, you'll receive personalized guidance throughout the process and have all your questions answered.

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At B2Works we work with people. People are our biggest asset.

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