Our certificates are a sign of our quality. They confirm our commitment to meeting the highest standards, both for our clients and workers.


B2Works is a member of the Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU). The NBBU membership is an additional quality mark that demonstrates our compliance with stringent requirements regarding working conditions, legal compliance, and the quality of our services. This certification confirms our commitment to providing the best service to both our clients and our temporary employees.

NEN 400

B2Works is in possession of the NEN-4400-1 certification. This certification is a recognized standard in the Netherlands that confirms B2Works’ compliance with tax and labour laws, as well as its financial stability. Obtaining the NEN 4400-1 certification demonstrates that B2Works meets the requirements related to payroll administration, taxation, and social security contributions. It assures clients, workers and stakeholders that B2Works operates ethically, treats its employees fairly, and fulfils its financial obligations. You wouldn’t want to work for an agency that doesn’t have this certificate!

Stichting Normering Flexwonen

B2Works is in possession of the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (Flexible Living Standards Foundation) certification. SNF is a foundation that sets standards and regulations for the quality of temporary accommodation in the flexible workforce sector. Obtaining SNF certification means that the employment agency meets the strict requirements and guidelines established by SNF for housing facilities. It ensures that the agency’s temporary workers have safe, hygienic living conditions with adequate space and privacy. To (continue to) carry SNF certification, a certifying body must inspect all homes annually.

Fair Produce

Fair Produce is a certification program focusing on fair and ethical labour practices within mushroom production in the Netherlands. Obtaining the Fair Produce certification demonstrates B2Works’ commitment to ensuring proper working conditions, fair wages, and the protection of workers’ rights within the mushroom sector. It signifies that B2Works actively promotes the well-being and appropriate treatment of the workers it employs. The certification also verifies that B2Works complies with relevant labour laws, regulations, and industry standards.


SBB is the Dutch organization that promotes cooperation between vocational education and business. B2Works is an acknowledged learning company. As a recognized learning company, we comply with a number of conditions. We offer students a good and safe workplace, where they can gain experience with the work processes and activities belonging to the profession for which they are studying. For this, we have a practical trainer who supervises the student.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At B2Works we work with people. People are our biggest asset.

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