Will I be granted health insurance from B2Works? What does it cover?

As an employee of B2Works, you will have access to health insurance coverage. B2Works has taken out a master contract for health insurance with Zorg en Zekerheid, which includes basic health insurance for foreign employees through a group health insurance plan. The mandatory excess of €385.00 is covered under supplementary insurance with Zorg en Zekerheid.

In addition to the basic health insurance, there is a Guarantee Fund available. The Stichting VBW Guarantee Fund provides reimbursements for certain emergencies not covered by the health insurance company, such as emergency dental treatment (up to €200.00 annually), repatriation after death, and work-related physiotherapy (up to 10 treatments). Guidance for applying for a healthcare allowance is also included.

Furthermore, you will have accident and liability insurance provided by Drechtsteden Zekerheid. For details regarding reimbursements under these insurance plans, please contact your manager.

B2Works will guide you through the process for how to continue receiving coverage through your health insurance plan with Zorg en Zekerheid after your employment ends. You will have 30 days to decide whether to continue the coverage. In case of accidents with a liable third party, we will help you with claim assistance. Advice, support, and guidance regarding possible claims are available under the Drechtsteden Zekerheid accident insurance plan.

Providing B2Works with all the relevant accurate information is essential to ensure adequate service provision. The cost of health insurance, the Guarantee Fund, and supplemental insurance amounts to €36.40 per week, which breaks down to €33.39 for health insurance and €3.01 for the Guarantee Fund and supplemental insurance.

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