What is the protocol for reporting illness?

During office hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.), call the office and inform them that you are unable to work due to illness. In addition, please send an email to with the subject heading “reporting sick,” stating that you are ill and providing the necessary information. Ensure you can be reached on the specified telephone number, as a B2Works office employee will contact you to discuss your illness report.

Outside office hours, call your coordinator and report your inability to work due to illness. Send an email to with the same subject heading, providing the required information. Make sure you can be reached on the specified telephone number.

It is essential to report that you will be absence due to illness immediately and not retroactively. If you go home during working hours because of illness, you must personally inform the manager at the client company and follow the same reporting protocol. When reporting sick, you should state the reason for your absence, how long you will likely be unfit for work, your address while ill and telephone number, and any relevant details such as a different residential address or attending doctor.

When you have recovered and are ready to resume work, call the office or your coordinator to notify them. Send an email with the subject heading “notification of recovery” and state the date on which you can resume your work.

It is important to comply with these reporting procedures and provide updates on the progress of your incapacity for work. Failure to comply may result in a temporary reduction or loss of benefits.

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