General questions

What are the benefits of working with B2Works in the Netherlands and not directly with an employer?

Working with a temporary employment agency like ours offers several benefits compared to working directly with an employer. Firstly, it provides greater flexibility and variety in job opportunities, making it possible for you to gain experience in different industries and positions. We have an extensive network of clients and can quickly match you with suitable jobs. What is more, we handle all administrative tasks, such as payroll, taxes, and insurance, making things easier for workers. We also provide training opportunities to help you to get the required certifications, such as the forklift certification, or learning Dutch or English to help you perform better and make new social connections.

Working with B2Works provides you with stability, which will help you plan your future with confidence while enjoying the assurance of a long-term job. We go above and beyond to provide everything you need to excel, including accommodation, health and accident insurance, and transportation. Your rights are our priority, and we will always advocate for you. If any issues arise, rest assured that we are always there to support you. With a dedicated manager by your side, you’ll receive personalized guidance throughout the process and have all your questions answered.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At B2Works we work with people. People are our biggest asset.

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