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How does B2Works handle personal data and ensure data privacy?

We treat your personal data as confidential and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our privacy policy is available upon request.
Personnel data are managed by designated employees or the board, who treat all information as confidential. Physical personnel files, if applicable, are centrally stored in locked Filing cabinets. These files contain information related to recruitment, selection, application, appointment, performance and assessment, absence due to illness, salary development, education, and training. The processing of personal data is recorded in a processing register, which you have the right to inspect at any time.

As per the GDPR, you have various rights regarding your data, including the right to request inspection, rectification of incorrect data, completion of incomplete information, deletion or restriction of data in certain cases, objection to data processing, data portability, and the right to complain with a supervisory authority. We inform you promptly if a data breach poses a high risk to your rights and liberties unless legally exempt.

To exercise your rights, you can send an email to Upon leaving our employment, your personnel file will be emptied and its contents destroyed, except for the Agency Work Employment Contract, notice to terminate, and data that must be retained under applicable laws and regulations.

We share your personal data with third parties only when necessary pursuant to the Agency Work Employment Contract, related rights and obligations and statutory obligations, or with your written permission. We take measures to ensure the confidential handling of your personal data and are responsible for safeguarding your privacy.

By signing the Agency Work Employment Contract, you grant permission to process your data within the meaning of the GDPR. This includes sharing data with us, providing such data to the User Company, and disclosing such data to third parties, such as the UWV, Tax and Customs Administration, and salary administration organisation, as required to form and perform the Agency Work Employment Contract and statutory obligations.

Regarding changes in your personal information, you must notify us within five days if any relevant changes occur. This includes changes of address, email address, telephone number, marital status, family composition, sickness, and residency status (for foreigners). You must provide the necessary documentary evidence along with the notification of changes. To notify changes, you can email, clearly stating the date of the information change and including your full first name and surname.
Failure to report changes within the specified timeframe may result in consequences that could negatively impact the expense and risk you incur.

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