Does B2Works provide transportation services for temporary workers and what does it cost?

You can get to your workplace on your own using your vehicle or by public transport. If you go to work in your own car, in most cases, you are entitled to a travel allowance.

We can also offer you one of the company’s bicycles or cars. In this case, you pay a small contribution of €3.75 per day to the costs of the car. The driver does not need to contribute. The driver does pay the tax addition for the car, which amounts to roughly €3.75 net per day, depending on the type of car. The car may also be used for private purposes, such as to do grocery shopping, but within limits.
Otherwise, you may pay €5.00 per week to borrow a bicycle from us. You must treat the bicycle with care and lock it at all times. If the bicycle gets stolen, you must report the theft immediately to B2Works and to the police. You must submit the police report to the B2Works. You must also be able to provide the bicycle key.

A fee of €175.00 will be charged if you do not return the bike to us in good condition.

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