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Are you looking for a new job? Stop your search, because we have the job that really suits you. Whether you are looking for packaging work or warehouse work in the Netherlands, a job in the food sector, the best jobs in production and logistics or for example seasonal work, it does not matter to us. As a professional employment agency we are specialised in all these fields (and more) and offer numerous jobs in Nijmegen and the rest of the Netherlands. That is why we always know how to make the right match between employer and employee. This not only ensures happy clients, but also happy temporary employees. And that is what we do it for.

promises you:

– a warm welcome
– decent housing and transportation to work
– payments correct and on time
– sufficient hours, so certainty of income
– sufficient attention and clear communication
– good health insurance, with a service to get back part of the premium

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Everything is well organised!

Why do we strive for happy temporary workers? Because they enjoy going to work every day. And everyone benefits from that. We therefore think it’s important to maintain that positive feeling. How do we do that? By taking good care of our temporary workers. For example, we are there on your first day to help you get started. Do you have any questions? Our team is always ready to help you. B2Works’ temporary workers don’t have to worry about their payments either. These are also well taken care of. When you work via us, you will receive the same salary as an employee with a permanent contract.

And we do even more than that! As a temporary employment agency with respect for our temporary workers, we offer all our employees an hourly guarantee. So you do not have to worry about that. In addition, we can support you in matters such as accommodation, transport and insurance. And if your work requires you to undergo (extra) training, we can help you with that too. For example, are you looking for a forklift job in the Netherlands, but has your forklift certificate expired? Then we can help you to take another exam.






85 housing locations

As a professional Dutch employment agency B2Works of course pays all taxes and employer premiums. Because we meet the highest standards, we are NEN 4400-1 certified. Furthermore, we are aware of all laws and regulations and the application of the collective labour agreement.

Job with accommodation

When you come to work for us in the Netherlands, in most cases we will arrange accommodation for you. B2Works has more than 80 houses spread throughout our working area, so we can usually offer you accommodation close to your workplace. This is convenient, because it keeps the travel time to work as short as possible. No caravans or massive housing locations! We offer accommodation in regular houses, flats and small pensions. Of course they all meet the SNF standard. This means that the accommodations meet the Dutch regulations on space, safety, good employment and management. In all accommodations, you will find a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room. We offer single and double rooms, based on availability. The residences are furnished and fully equipped, including a washing machine, dryer, sufficient refrigerators and, of course, free Wi-Fi. For hygienic reasons, please bring a sleeping bag, pillow and sheet, as bedding is not provided. We settle the costs of the accommodation with your salary. A bed in a single room costs € 115 per week and in a double room € 98 per week.

Traveling to work

We provide safe transportation to your place of work. Depending on the distance between your workplace and accommodation, this will be either a bicycle or a car. You pay a small contribution to the car costs of €3.75 per day. The driver pays nothing. If you want to borrow a bicycle from us, you pay €5.00 per week. If you go to work in your own car, in most cases you are entitled to a travel allowance.

They preceded you

Joanna W
Joanna W
Lokacja ok koordynatorzy również. Jeśli chodzi o wszelkiego rodzaju naprawy firma przysyła naprawdę godnego polecenia majstra.
Regina Kaczyńska
Regina Kaczyńska
Jest super
Gonzalo Félix A.
Gonzalo Félix A.
Good experience with the agency regarding the accommodation and the company where you work. But I think that they should make a selection to recruit staff since some colleagues do not value the opportunity that is presented to them and have a lifestyle that makes the rest of the colleagues uncomfortable.

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